from the exchange
joe puerta
has produced many talented artists
in his ever growing recording studio, the exchange.
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from the firefly vaults
joe puerta
produced several CD's for an assortment of
milwaukee artists from alternative folk rocker les lokey
to cajun influenced accordion led big nick and the cydecos.
here are a few samples of that work.

on the side....
check out all the other projects joe puerta has been involved with

Radio For Milwaukee
radio for milwaukee
joe puerta, peter buffett & todd broadie's gift to milwaukee!
please click & give them your support!

listen to some rare joe puerta music and video here

joe puerta interview. joe discusses everything from his roots
as a musician to ambrosia, their horrible mis-mangement, bruce hornsby
& the range, advice for starting musicians, even american idol! joe plays 2
great acoustic songs:hopes & dreams & fool like me! 30 minutes long!
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